Saturday, October 22nd at 1pm
Magnes Collection of Jewish Art and Life, Berkeley

Two sketches of prosthetic arms, one with a prosthetic hand and one with a hook.

Terminal Device (Canada, 2015)

Written, Directed, and Produced by Ross Turnbull

The cinema loves the one-armed bad guy, but just who is Captain Hook? Terminal Device is an autobiographical essay and an inquiry into cinematic representation. Refracted through pop cultural images, the director's story as one of the men with hooks acquires unexpected resonance. 
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Isaac, a young black man wears a baseball hat and thinks with his hands folded together near his mouth. His hearing aid can be seen.

Supersonic (England, 2014)

Directed by Samuel Dore, Written by Cihan Narin, Produced by Maverick Litchfield-Kelly
Best of Festival, Short

Isaac has been going off the rails since his father left years ago. He looks up to the local mechanic as a surrogate father figure, until his estranged father returns with a startling secret.
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Yam uses an iPhone to take a picture on a train. His hands are affected by his CP.

Yam's Journey (Israel, 2015)

Directed, Written, and Produced by Rubi Gat

At the age of nine months, Yam was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. After the initial shock, his father Rubi promised himself that he'd try to bring him up "like any other kid." The film depicts with humor and a bit of pain the difficulties in fulfilling that promise as father and son travel through Europe on Yam's bar mitzvah trip (Yam means 'a sea' in Hebrew). 

Saturday, October 22nd at 6pm
Magnes Collection of Jewish Art and Life, Berkeley


Double Discimination poster: drawing of white and grey doves holding picket signs that say things like "go back to your own country" and face towards black bird.

Double Discrimination (England, 2015)

Written and Directed by Rinkoo Barpaga
Disability Justice Award

This personal documentary examines whether racism exists in the deaf community, told from from Rinkoo's personal background and perspective.

Best and Most Beautiful Things still: young woman in pool looks pensive.

Best and Most Beautiful Things (United States, 2015)

Written and directed by Garrett Zevgetis; Produced by Ariana Garfinkel, Jeff Consiglio, Garrett Zevgetis, and Jordan Salvatoriello
Best of Festival, Feature

In a celebration of outcasts everywhere, a precocious young blind woman disappears into quirky obsessions and isolation. With humor and bold curiosity, she chases love and freedom in the most unexpected of places: a provocative fringe community.
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Sunday, October 23rd at 1pm
The Contemporary Jewish Museum, San Francisco

A man sits on a rooftop with a blanket ontop of his shoulders.

Zoufs (Belgium, 2015)

Written and Directed by Tom Boccara, Noe Reutenauer, and Emilien Vekemans; Produced by Jean-Yves and Cassandre Waranauts

The sun is about to rise. Up on the roof Michel sees everything, hears everything and feels everything. The view is passing by. Down in the city, seven extraordinary characters go through the day. Here comes the moon now, and it looks like a banana!

The gas light district in New Orleans, a sillouette of a wheelchair rider waiting.

The Right To Be Rescued (United States, 2015)

Directed by Jordan Melograna, Produced by Jordan Melograna and Mark Stroh
Advocacy Award

The Right to Be Rescued is a short documentary about the impact of natural disasters on people with disabilities. This documentary tells the story of those disabled people left behind in Hurricane Katrina and what New Orleans and other cities are doing to make sure it never happens again.

Like If... still: woman in wheelchair stares off to the side, "Like If..." overlayed

Like If... (Italy, 2014)

Directed by Daniele Bonari; Written by Michele Squillace

An unlikely heroine must deal with a particular epidemic; will she alone be able to save the world?
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Too chairs and a table sit unoccupied on the beach.

The Sea Reminds Me (England, 2013)

Directed by Ray Jacobs, Jonathan Tritton; Written by Ray Jacobs, Mervyn Bradley, and Jonathan Tritton

Mark, a disabled man who cannot come to terms with his father's death, is yearning for real touch and connections. He is drawn to a Welsh seaside town, a place haunted with childhood memories. 
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Hear Me still: white woman in her early 20s in white headphone walks on the street and looks perplexed.

Hear Me (France, 2015)

Written and Directed by Nicolas Coquet; Produced by Thierry Etienne, Anne Etienne, Nicolas Capdeville, and Nicolas Coquet

Marisol, a young deaf woman raised by a mother who has always denied her deafness, finally empowers herself when she meets the Deaf community.

Awake still: two women, one white and one black, laugh over coffee. The white woman holds a joint in her hand.

Awake (England, 2015)

Written and Directed by Michael Achtman, Produced by Caglar Kimyoncu
Liane Yasumoto Jury's Choice Award

Anna, a woman living with Multiple Sclerosis is visited by Doreen, a door to door proselytizer who makes herself at home and stays the day, slowly defrosting her non-welcome. Together they walk in the park, bake a chocolate cake, and watch an Ingmar Bergman film.
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